New Case Evaluations

Corporate Fraud Investigations & Services

If you are concerned about corporate misconduct at a company you are invested in, you can report fraud, have your concerns investigated, and/or receive a free new case evaluation from qualified legal professionals at Robbins Arroyo LLP. Through our corporate fraud investigation and new case evaluation services, we assist prospective and existing clients in investigating their potential claims and determining if, and what type, of legal options may be available to them for the damages caused to them and/or to the company due to illegal behavior by certain company leaders.

Receive an Evaluation of your Legal Options

Robbins Arroyo LLP offers new case evaluation services to shareholders, employees, and consumers interested in asserting their rights and taking a stand against corporate fraud and wrongdoing. New case evaluations are performed by our new matters group, which is comprised of skilled lawyers, corporate research analysts, investigators, and paralegals. They use leading information resources and their broad experience to conduct initial and in-depth evaluations of potential cases of corporate wrongdoing. Following a frank evaluation of the applicable facts and legal standards, attorneys in the new matters group make a recommendation to our clients or potential clients about whether and how to assert their rights and seek legal remedy.

Report Fraud or Request a New Case Evaluation

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