Legal Oversight and Alerts for Your Portfolio

Every investor who suffers economic injury as a result of corporate mismanagement and securities fraud has the right to seek compensation, but few have the time or legal knowledge to monitor their holdings and understand their options when wrongdoing occurs.

Stock Watch makes it easy.

Smart Investing Starts with Staying Informed

An essential addition to any investor’s toolkit, Stock Watch is a 100% free service that actively monitors your holdings, provides alerts of securities laws violations, and seamlessly connects you with acclaimed shareholder rights attorneys who will inform you of your legal options, walk you through the case process, and even help you fill out settlement claim forms so you can receive your share of the settlement proceeds.

Investment Monitoring

Simply provide us a list of your investments and we will evaluate them using our database of active investigations. If none of your holdings are under active investigation, we will contact you in the future if we identify wrongful activity.

Legal Options and Advice

Robbins Arroyo LLP will contact you if we identify violations of securities laws, insider trading, accounting fraud, unfair mergers or acquisitions, and other unlawful activity that may negatively impact your holdings. We will explain the wrongdoing, our investigation, your legal options, and how the case will proceed if you decide to take action.

Settlement Claims Simplified

If a company in which you have invested decides to settle a case brought against it, we will send you a link to the claim form and assist you in filling it out. After that, you will receive a check for your portion of the settlement!

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