Summer Associates

Each summer, Robbins Arroyo LLP hires top-performing law students who are interested in gaining valuable and authentic complex litigation experience.  We represent shareholders who demand transparent, honest, and effective corporate governance.  We seek to hold corporate fiduciaries to account when they fall short.  We match wits with the best on every case.  We have to be fast, efficient, and effective to counter our adversaries’ enormous resources.  So, we don’t just talk about integrating summer associates into our cases and providing them with real-world litigation experience—our practice demands it.

As a summer associate with Robbins Arroyo LLP, you will be assigned to active cases and given opportunities to play a meaningful role.  You will take on responsibilities similar to those handled by our junior associates.  Our program goals include helping you to develop critical real-world legal skills through researching and drafting motions, participating in discovery, and helping to prepare for and observe depositions and court hearings, whenever possible.

In addition to working with our attorneys, summer associates participate in a number of informal training and social events designed to ensure that they have every opportunity to build lasting and valuable professional relationships with our experienced litigators.


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