Be Informed: Shareholder Rights

Shareholders in publicly traded companies provide the capital with which companies fund their operations, invest in their businesses, and grow. All too often, however, corporate officers and directors behave as if they, rather than the shareholders, own the companies that they work for, and exploit their positions of trust for personal gain. Weak corporate governance encourages these tendencies. Management teams become entrenched, insular, and secretive, and boards of directors lose interest in and become less capable of exercising diligent oversight.

At Robbins Arroyo LLP, we believe that shareholders play a crucial role in ensuring transparent, honest, and effective corporate governance. We help shareholders hold business leaders accountable.

Shareholders have a right to:

  • Corporate management that acts in their best interests
  • Corporate governance structures built to optimize a company’s potential
  • Mergers and acquisitions that maximize shareholder value
  • Information about the management, financial condition and legal compliance of the companies in which they invest
  • Seek redress against officers and directors who fail to act in the company’s and shareholders’ best interests

Robbins Arroyo LLP is proud to have helped shareholders of over 200 publically traded corporations exercise their rights.

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