Time Share Recovery Scam

We have been alerted to a scam in which imposters are using Robbins Arroyo LLP attorney names to defraud individuals.  The imposter claims to be Craig Smith, George Aguilar, or other Robbins Arroyo LLP attorneys.  They invoke our California Bar numbers, which are publicly available to anyone, and tell victims that they have secured a recovery in a class action relating to a time share fraud and ask for money to process class members’ claims.  They have used official-looking court stationary to lend legitimacy to bogus settlement documents.  This is a SCAM.  Do NOT send anyone claiming to be a lawyer of our firm any money.  Robbins Arroyo LLP operates on the basis of contingency fee agreements.  Our firm never asks our clients to pay us anything, for any reason.

If you were contacted by an imposter using Robbins Arroyo LLP’s name or that of one of our attorneys, please contact the San Diego Police Department Financial Crimes Unit at 619 531-2000, and/or Robbins Arroyo LLP partner George Aguilar at gaguilar@robbinsarroyo.com.  We cannot provide legal representation to victims of this scam, but we will pass your name and contact information along to law enforcement authorities.

We sincerely regret that criminals are attempting to exploit our hard-earned reputation to take advantage of unsuspecting time share investors, and we will continue to urge law enforcement authorities to take action to stop this scam and help its victims.



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