Stock Watch: Investment Monitoring for Shareholders

We Monitor the Markets for Unlawful Activity Impacting Your Investments

Stock Watch is Robbins Arroyo LLP’s investment monitoring service for individual and institutional investors.  Through Stock Watch, we track participants’ publicly traded investments, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other securities, for losses in value and other negative impact due to corporate misconduct or fraud.  If we identify wrongdoing, participants receive notification and information about their legal rights and options.  We also notify participants of class action settlements involving their investments so they can recover their share of the settlement proceeds.

Stock Watch is available to both U.S. and foreign investors.  Investment information and communications with participants are kept confidential, unless the client decides to disclose their investment information as may be required when pursuing legal options.

We customize the service to meet the needs of institutional investors.  For more information about our services for institutional investors, including multiemployer funds, public employee pension funds, and other institutional investors, see our institutional investor services.

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How it Works

  1. You enroll in Stock Watch by submitting a list of your investment holdings (providing copies of account statements is often the easiest way to begin).
  2. Robbins Arroyo LLP monitors your investments for losses due to corporate misconduct or fraud.
  3. You receive an alert if we identify an investment that has been impacted by corporate misconduct or fraud.  Robbins Arroyo LLP provides an initial evaluation of potential legal claims and may recommend options for seeking monetary recovery and/or other remedies.
  4. You receive notification when we identify class action settlements that may be impacting your investments.


Why Enroll in Stock Watch?

  • To be aware of and make informed decisions when your investments are damaged by corporate wrongdoing.
  • To receive access to timely legal advice from Robbins Arroyo LLP attorneys.
  • Because there is no obligation to participate in litigation or other remedial strategies our attorneys may recommend.
  • Because it’s free and secure.

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Please note: Robbins Arroyo LLP does not provide financial or investment advice.  Through Stock Watch, we provide participants with information regarding fraud or malfeasance by corporate officers and directors and assist participants in evaluating their remedial options.  This service can complement but is not a substitute for investors’ own due diligence and active monitoring of their portfolios.  We cannot and do not guarantee or warrant that we will be able to call to participants’ attention all incidents of fiduciary misconduct or fraud that have damaged the securities in which they have invested.