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Helping Financial Advisors with Their Obligations to Protect Their Clients’ Investments

Financial advisors help ensure their clients are invested in healthy securities and other income-earning assets to increase their clients’ wealth. Robbins Arroyo LLP helps financial advisors uphold their obligations to manage the assets honestly, efficiently, and with the proper transparency.

Stock Watch – Robbins Arroyo LLP’s free investment monitoring service for shareholders – adds dimension to the services financial advisors provide their clients.

Built with an entrepreneurial spirit and fueled by the firm’s partners’ passion for pursuing and advocating for shareholder interests, our Stock Watch database and monitoring system is an in-house proprietary system. It employs a user-friendly and intuitive web-based interface, and its queries and views are fully customizable and fast, allowing our Stock Watch team to quickly and accurately pull transactional and holdings data and calculate losses. On the news tracking side, the firm employs sophisticated, hand-picked research tools and subscription services and has developed proprietary news filters to flag information to support real-time monitoring of corporate wrongdoing and securities actions.

Enroll in Stock Watch to:

  • Uphold your obligation to manage your clients’ assets honestly, effectively, and with the proper transparency
  • Receive relevant and timely information about your clients’ investments so you can assist them in making informed decisions about their financial positions
  • Increase your client service offerings to include legal advice regarding corporate wrongdoing and ways to prevent future misconduct
  • Receive information regarding securities fraud class action settlements and assistance filing settlement claim forms for your clients

When our corporate research team identifies wrongdoing, financial advisors receive relevant and timely information about their clients’ investments so they can assist their clients in making informed decisions about their positions. Robbins Arroyo LLP does not offer investment advice and will never suggest a client change a financial position based on our research. We will, however, offer legal advice regarding the wrongdoing we uncover and ways in which future harm against the assets may be prevented. As a member of Stock Watch, your clients will receive information regarding class action settlements and assistance filing settlement claim forms, if necessary.

Protecting the privacy, confidentiality, and security of our clients’ information is of utmost importance to the firm, and all data is protected by administrative, physical, and technical controls.



“Stock Watch has been a great service that has added extra value for my clients. The portfolio monitoring service helps clients know that we are constantly looking to protect their investments from unlawful management practices, and it gives clients added peace of mind knowing that they have options to recover potential losses should they occur.”


“It’s very comforting working with Robbins Arroyo LLP. I know I have attentive counsel that review and evaluate potential corporate misconduct and protect my clients’ investments. They provide a valuable layer of defense for my practice.”


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